North Cyprus Culture


When we talk about the Cypriot Culture, We have to travel almost 10,000 years back as the island’s history begins. No matter where you come from, you will, at some point, feel that you are at home or you are living a Dejavu while in Cyprus.

Cyprus has been the host of many different cultures and has been ruled by many empires such as; The Byzantines, Romans, Ancient Egyptians,  Lusignans, Ottomans, English as well as encountered other nations, at a smaller scale as the Hittites, Arabs as well as the Maronites. That is the reason one would find the effects and finger prints of these cultures in various traditions and daily life in Cyprus. Starting with house buildings, used Tools, clothing to burial ceremonies, Cyprus has developed a unique culture that is both a descendent of its historical heritage as well as one that speaks for its own.

The Cyprus Island have two major ethnic groups; The Turkish Cypriots as well as the Greek Cypriots. There are plenty of mosques and churches for both the Christian and the Muslim communities where they can freely worship.  Apart from religion, both groups have a lot in common such as family ties, hospitality and friendliness.

Cypriots are usually easy going people that have a big smile on their faces. They are warm and hospitable. You would be offered, insistently to drink the local lemonade in the summer or cooked coffee in cooler days.

 Time is important in Cyprus, however, being late is not an unusual act. It is known that “Cypriot time” is + half an hour of the promised time in a humorous manner. Rest assured that you will not feel that with time as if stands still on the island.


Is it the nature of Cyprus? Is it the climate or the people? Is it the weather or its water? Nobody knows. It is a local saying that “that who drinks from its water, or sets foot on it, will return to it one day?

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