Cultural week of CYPRUS

Open to all Countries


Day 1 Arrive North Cyprus

Fly from optional airports on Saturday and upon arrival into the airport, transfer to Salamis Bay Conti hotel, Famagusta.

Day 2 Wellcome meeting & INCLUDED Beach walk to Salamis Ancient City

After Breakfast meeting to get information about the week, Hotel and all the details of the program. Historical brochures and Map will be distributed. Free time walking around then, we will meet for our first trip. Very special beach walk around 45 minutes to reach to Salamis Ancient city!!! Where was the kingdom of Toucer – Great Fighter of TROJAN war – Roman Baths, Anfi- theatre, Latrines, Temple of Zeus and Sun mosaic – St. Paul first step to Cyprus was through this mosaic in 45 AD. – then, returning to the hotel. Dinner & Overnight at Samalis Bay Conti.

Day 3 Incirli Cave - Kantara Castle & Local Village – OPTIONAL €35.00 

A visit to the longest cave on North Cyprus, Incirli (fig tree), then drive up to Kantara castle, where Richard the Lionheart captured the last King of Byzantine. After lunch, walk through the local villages with great views of the coast and mountains and a chance to watch the making of local foods and handicrafts. Return to the hotel around 17.30. Dinner & Overnight at Salamis Bay Conti hotel.

Day 4 Famagusta – Varosha - St. Barnabas Tour – OPTIONAL €35.00 

The day starts at St. Barnabas monastery with the Archeological and Icon Museum. St. Barnabas was the great follower of St. Paul, his effort made Cyprus as the first Christian Country in the world. Whole Cyprus was Christian in 330 AD. Lunch at the walled city of Famagusta. In the afternoon the excursion includes Othello tower, St. Nicolas Cathedral, Venetian palace and all around the walled city. Later during the day, visit the closed marash city from outside. Return to the hotel around 17.00.  Dinner & Overnight at Samalis Bay Conti.

Day 5 Karpas Peninsula Tour with Swimming at the Golden Sand Beach – OPTIONAL €40.00 

Travel the Traditional villages on the foothills of the Five Finger Mountains and visit Bogaz Fishing village, the fifth century Mosaics of Sipahi Basilica and the Monastery of St. Andrew. At Karpas peninsula enjoy the scenery of undiscovered beaches, natural fauna and the famous wild donkeys of the area. Fresh Fish lunch at the outside of Golden sand beach and break for swimming at this unblievable beautifull sea of North Cyprus. Dinner & Overnight at Samalis Bay Conti.   

Day 6 Kyrenia Castle - Harbour & Bellapais Monastery – OPTIONAL €45.00 

Kyrenia is considered the most beautiful town in Cyprus. The excursion starts at the castle of Kyrenia and then onto the museums of Shipwreck, Lusignan’s Dungeons, Venetian Tower and the Roman Provincial Coins. Free Time for visit of Horsewhoe Harbour as well as a cold beer. Later visit to Bellapais village, have a great lunch at the famous tree of Idleness and visit the 13th. Century Chuch and Abbey of Bellapais, one of the most interesting examples of gothic architecture in Cyprus. Return to the hotel dinner and Overnight. OPTIONAL – 45 EURO. Inc. Lunch and entrance fees.

Day 7 Nicosia City Sights & Shops – OPTIONAL €35.00 

Nicosia is the only divided Capital in the world, following the fall of the Berlin wall. It is possible to see the barriers which separate the two sides. The excursion includes a visit to the closed bazaar of Ottomans, St. Sophia Cathedral, and the Great Inn (or Kervansaray), which was the 17th century hotel of the Ottomans. After free time for lunch there is will be time to explore the city. Return to the hotel around 17.30.               Gala Dinner at a Local Restaurant with ALL DRINKS Included.

Day 8 Return To Beautifull Country.

Experienced and Professional guide during the week will be with the group. 7 days Breakfast and Dinner ( One with All drinks included ), One Excursion with Lunch and museum entries. 

The Kingdom Of Salamis.


Ornek Holidays

Hz. Omer Ave. Dedekorkut Plaza No 1:

Karakum - Girne/ N. Cyprus - Mersin - 10 Turkey

Places of Interest

Kyrenia (Girne) City :

Historians disagree about how old exactly Girne is, but it goes back to at least 10th Century BC and is one of the nine kingdoms of Cyprus.  Its great attraction for visitors lies not only in the Castle and enchanting harbour and ancient city itself, but also in the old villages, castles and monasteries which are to be found in the neighbourhood.  Its scenic setting is unmatched throughout the length and breadth of the island.  With Kyrenia itself, you can find a variety of cafes, discos, bars, restaurants and casinos.


Nicosia (Lefkosa) City :

Nicosia, the 1000 year old capital of both North Cyprus and the ROC without a doubt should be on every visitor’s agenda. Capital since the era of “Richard the Lion Heart”, it is the only divided capital in Europe; split by the famous “Green Line”. It lies approximately in the centre of the island, within easy reach of other towns and attractions.  

Its ancient roots date back to 3rd century BC when it was founded by the Egyptian Prince Lefkon, still immortalised in the capitals name; Lefkosa (in Turkish) and Lefkosia (in Greek).  A walk through the old city is to step back in time. Narrow streets and old houses with a mixture of beautiful architecture from past civilizations, intertwined with modern contemporary buildings, and craftsmen in small workshops that still practice trades unchanged for centuries makes Lefkosa a unique experience.  


Famagusta (Gazimagusa) City :

Originally a small fishing town, Famagusta flourished during the Lusignan (Frankish) period, when it became the most   important trading centre between Asia and Europe. Its importance and wealth can still be seen today by the vast amount of churches, cathedrals and palaces that dot the city. It is known that one of the nobles of Gazimagusa was one of the richest men in the world, for his daughter had more jewels that the King of France!  An interesting, yet sad, feature of the city is an area called Varousha - this was the modern part of the city that was the main tourist centre prior to 1974.  It is now an abandoned area in no-man’s land and is as it was left during those troubled times. The golden sandy beaches of Gazimagusa are well known throughout the world and it is still an important centre for tourism today.


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